A greater goal


If we start with purpose what are we trying to achieve with a Covid19 Strategy? One of the challenges here is that there are conflicting purposes (or at least there appear to be on the surface).


So what is the landscape we’re operating in. The landscape is a highly infectious virus, that is spread mostly through the air, but also through touch (to a much lesser extent). Its is a virus that has the ability to mutate to become more infectious as it has done over the past few months as the UK and South African variants make spread easier and containment harder. It can incubate for up to 14 days and a percentage of people are never symptomatic.


If climactic patterns are the things that change the map regardless of your actions then we can see virus mutation as one pattern. We can see the development and roleout of vaccines are another pattern acting on the environment. We can also see the actions of other countries where they have crushed the spread — Australia and New Zealand (and look to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand for other examples).

Doctrine / Principles for Action

So what principles to do follow to get to our objective — how do we move?

Leadership to Action

This is where I worry that leadership has not been in evidence. I’m struck by a line from a piece with NZ Prime Minister “The alternative is to set a lesser goal and then still misfire”



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Dermot Casey

Dermot Casey


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